Rangers are the first line of protection for elephants. The work of Rangers is vital in ensuring resources are in place to protect elephants as and when they are needed. Rangers risk their lives every day to make sure that elephants are kept alive, for all of us.



Dogs are definitely a Ranger’s best friend in helping them to protect elephants. Dogs are deployed to protect wildlife by deterring, detecting and sometimes even detaining poachers. Just one dog can equal a 70-person search team and their superior sense of smell means they can track over difficult terrain and operate in darkness. These anti-poaching teams of dogs and handlers, used alongside other intensive measures, are proving extremely effective.



Increasingly sophisticated technology is an essential part of the protection efforts, including camera traps, DNA analysis, GPS and tracking. Camera traps play a huge part in helping us keep track of the number of elephants left in the wild, GPS gives us the ability to see what amazing journeys elephants have been on and DNA analysis can help us take down poachers who are selling illegal ivory.


Samburu on hill

Communities can indeed live in harmony alongside elephants and there are many fantastic examples of this all over the world, but it can take some adjustments. Not all communities live happily alongside elephants. Often there is a need for projects such as a bee or chilli fence to deter elephants from raiding crops. But, it is worth it to ensure people and elephants can live side by side. There are a number of fantastic projects which focus on educating youth and sharing the best ways to live in harmony with these gentle giants.

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