Poaching and the ivory trade

Poachers are a well-known threat to elephants. Due to the demand for ivory, people have turned to poaching as a way to make money. It is easy to believe poachers are all bad people, however, for many poachers they are just providing for their families. For some poaching isn’t a career choice, but simply the family trade.

Human-wildlife conflict

A lesser known fact, but coming into conflict with humans is a huge threat to the survival of elephants. Elephants will wander around communities looking for food, and can often disturb and even destroy farms. A single incident of elephant ‘crop-raiding’ can have catastrophic effects on African village farmers and their ability to feed their families. This can result in the eradication of elephant populations in human contact zones.

Habitat loss

Climate change means there is a greater chance of drought due to less rainfall, meaning smaller and more fragmented forest homes for Asian elephants and African forest elephants.

We can stop elephants being killed for their ivory

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