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Introducing conservation

A comprehensive introduction to conservation, this course features topics brought to you by expert conservationists from around the world. It aims to introduce you to all the principles of conservation, presented in a clear format and presented by subject matter experts.

Worth more alive

Why are certain species of wildlife traded? What is the illegal wildlife trade? Find out why certain species and their products and derivatives are traded; learn what the impacts are on some of the world’s most iconic species. Find out about what is being done to change global demand and some of the ways you can fight the illegal wildlife trade and stand up for wildlife.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn! I am very inspired to participate and even volunteer in conservation efforts here in the Philippines. Amazing job. Kudos!

Look out for even more courses being added over this year – if we’re going to save our wildlife then knowledge is definitely power!

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We can stop elephants being killed for their ivory

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