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For an elephant, family is all important but increasingly these days baby elephants are becoming orphaned due to the ivory trade. Make a difference to an orphan today!

In Kenya, orphaned baby elephants are being saved by The David Sheldrick Wildlife trust (DSWT). Each rescued milk dependent elephant is looked after by a team of trained carers who represent the lost elephant’s family and are there for the little elephant until such time as it is comfortable amongst the wild herds and chooses to become independent.

The time involved depends entirely upon the personality of each individual and also upon how well the elephant can recall its elephant family, but all the orphans hand reared by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust reintegrate into the wild community by the age of ten.

None of this would be possible without many caring people worldwide, who help by choosing to bring an elephant into their life. You can be a part of this now by adopting an elephant!

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